Black Bear Lawn Care

Black Bear Lawn Care and Landscape is a full service landscape design, installation and maintenance company. Our company has been in Bangor and its surrounding areas since 2000. At Black Bear we have extensive experience working with residential and commercial clients, as well as the staff and equipment to fulfill any landscape need. Whether it’s home or business, taking pride in where you spend your time is important. We know landscaping and maintenance and we know the nuances that make Maine different. Take a look at our services and offerings and give us a call to set up an appointment.

Seasonal Tips for Winter

  • Set up plowing and salting applications and ice melts that are more environmentally friendly such as sand and salt mixtures. Call Black Bear Lawn Care for estimates.
  • Set up snow removal for your walkways and parking lots. Set up a minimum snow total for snow removal to manage expectations between you and your snow removal company.
  • Remove trees or large branches that might become problematic with ice buildup or heavy snowfall.
  • Check water runoffs for ice buildup throughout the winter.
  • As snow piles up, push back snow banks and thaw drainage grates for safety.
  • Avoid late pruning. Either do it in the fall, or wait until spring.