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Your Natural Choice for Quality Work
Making your house a beautiful place to come home to
Black Bear Lawn Care offers year round residential services, from landscape design and maintenance, to irrigation and hardscape design. Delivery is available for necessary garden supples like mulch, loam and compost. Do you have overgrowth, brush or invasive plants that need to be cleared away? We offer rototilling, bush hogging and excavator work. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your goals for your home and property. Call us today at 207.945.3414.
Spring & Summer Services
•  Landscape Design •  Flower, Shrub & Tree
•  Mowing, Trimming,
•  Spring Cleanup
•  Landscape Maint.,
•  Perennial/Annual
Flower Design
•  Hydro Seeding •  Complete Lawn Care
•  Spring Cleanup     Programs
•  Lawn Installation •  Fertilization Programs
Fall & Winter Services
•  Fall Cleanup •  Snowplowing
•  Lot Clearing •  Sanding
•  Pruning •  Snow Removal
•  Hazard Tree Removal  
•  Walkways •  Patios, Pool Patios
•  Planters •  Driveways
•  Walls •  Stairs
Garden Supplies
•  Bark Mulch •  Playground Chips
•  Fine Cyclo-Glow •  Fine Soil Mix
•  Loam
•  Compost
•  3/4" & 3/7" Crushed
Tractor Services
•  Rototilling •  Post Holes
•  Bush Hogging •  Light Loader Work
•  York Rake •  Excavator Work
•  Chipping  
Open 8 am - 4 pm Monday to Friday
Kellen Hutchins - Landscape Designer/Foreman
Step 1: Initial Client Meeting; Create Plant Lists, Color Budget
Step 2: Site Inventory; Measurements, Orientation, Existing Conditions
Step 3: Concept Plans; Determine Space and Balance, Placement of Planting Beds, Walls, Walkways, and Focal Points
Step 4: Review Concept Plans; Likes and Dislikes to Create a Direction for Final Plan
Step 5: Specific Plants and Other Elements Determined From Concept Plans to Create Final Plan; Final Plan is Presented
Step 6: Installation of Final Plan at Your Site; Site Nuances Almost Always Require Deviation from P lan to P rovide a Top Quality Product
::Our 6 Step Landscape Design Process::
  •  Initial Client Meeting
  •  Create Plant Lists, Color, Budget
  •  Site Inventory
  •  Measurements, Orientation, Existing
  •  Concept Plans
  •  Determine Space & Balance, Placement
  of Planting Beds, Walls, Walkways & Focal
  •  Review Concept Plan
  •  Discuss Likes & Dislikes to Create Direction
  for Final Plan
  •  Specific Plants & Other Elements Determined
  From Concept Plans to Create Final Plan
  •  Final Plan is Presented
  •  Installation of Final Plan at Your Site
  •  Site Nuances May Require Deviation From
  Plan, But Top Quality Product Is Always
Click here to view our plantings gallery
Click here to view our lawns gallery
Click here to view our hardscapes gallery
1320 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401
Click here to view our home page Click here to view our residential page Click here to view our commercial page Click here to view our greenhouse page Click here to view our power equipment page Click here to view our contact page
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